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Im back!! [Jun. 30th, 2006|02:51 am]
I have been getting counseling and have been on lots of pills. But I am back and helthry.

Here is a new poem.

Choking on wind, essence of the world

life and ice are alike

the stars are there for metaphor

its the word
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2005|01:44 am]
Im tired of everything just fuck it.
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Aborted [Apr. 21st, 2005|10:27 pm]
Awhile ago I finally convinced the father that we should take care of the baby together and soon after I started having second thoughts about keeping the baby. I thought that if I could get rid of the baby and stay together with the father I would be really happy so I aborted it. And the father got really upset and left me now I feel alone and that makes me feel bad :(
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Gay friends! [Mar. 16th, 2005|01:56 pm]
My friend Jeffery adn Fitzgerald went with me to the salon they work and got me a free hair cut!!!!! We listened Enya and we could smoke because it was after hours. IT looks fantastic! On the out of the salon some drunk guy called me fag hag. People are so mean gay men its awful.

AFterwards at a club I was dancing and this stupid Bulldyke lesbian kept bumping into me adn getting her hair into my face. I hate you. All in all it was a great night!
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Fake People [Mar. 16th, 2005|01:56 pm]
Everyone is so fake they suck, i see fake people at hot topic, the local shows, at the alternative music store all of you guys are mostly just fake posers they dont know how much theyre are fake.
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Abortion Counselor!!! [Mar. 16th, 2005|01:56 pm]
I went to planned parent hood and talked to this college girl advice giver person and we are the best of friends right now!! here is a pic of what she looks like@!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Abort this [Mar. 10th, 2005|04:04 pm]
I talked to the father adn it looks like im going to get an abortion, but Im going to wiat until teh second trimester to see if he will change his mind :)
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Im confused now [Feb. 28th, 2005|09:57 pm]
I talked to the father to day and he watns to get an aborton, i dont want to get one but hes really angry and mean roight now i have no clue what to do :(

ciao lovers
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No fat guys [Feb. 19th, 2005|06:56 pm]
I hate fat guys there so unattractive and sad. When ever I see them at bars its like go home your fat dont even try.
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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2005|06:47 pm]
I found out who I got me preggers and my mom found out and she wants me to abort my baby :( This makes me sad all life is beautiful and baby murder is evil. On an unrelated note in Utah some black guy might have raped a white girl I hope they put him in the electric chair and fry his ass.
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